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Happy Halloween!!!, trick or treat!!.

Posted by Rubén en Jueves,1 noviembre, 2012

Picad en la imagen para ver las fotos de nuestro Halloween en el cole.



54 comentarios to “Happy Halloween!!!, trick or treat!!.”

  1. Ana 5 B avila said

    como mola me lo estoi pasando pipa en este puente

  2. Rubén said

    ¡¡Qué guay Anaaaa!!. Yo también. Un abrazoooo.

  3. ana san millan,de avila said

    Emos tenido examenes atope .Un abrazoooo . 🙂

  4. ana san millan,de avila said

    Como molan las fotos que as puesto.Son terrorificas:) ………….XD

  5. Rubén said

    Jeje, ¿a que están chulas Ana?, yo soy el fantasma de negro con máscara, jeje.

  6. Inés 5º. said

    Hi, on Halloween I could not disguise, but at school I had a good time until recess, I had to go to physio.
    At school, the teacher came Cristina, haha​​, disguised as a ghost who all were frightened. I saw two witches, well three, Ana, Tonina … Although I saw no ghost dressed because we were in educational services. Well, I hope that next year if I can disguise, I’d dress or ghost or Yava I was scared or anything but scary, Saw disguised such that Rachel, my cousin, and looked just . I hope to have a good halloween next year and get many sweets or some money ..
    Although Christmas is coming now, so here to sing songs at home, haha​​.

  7. gabriela noemi ovelar duarte 5 said

    ruben hello melo and I had a great witch disguised com my brothers dressed up lomismo alber you, as my mother told me preocopa much accompanying us went over to my cousins ​​were my adre cook buenisimas saw croquetasy vampires aa many people but my mother disguised witch my father refused benir good kisses us we must in gymnastics or poly goodbye

  8. Lucas 5º said

    Hi Ruben, I had a great on Halloween although I difraze of nada.Elena and I had seen two witches when we went to when we climbed llabes.Luego by the yard at the last minute in English we took pictures.

  9. Anónimo said

    Hello RubenHi Ruben I could not disguiseHi Ruben I could’ve been in avila disguise and so I could not disguise but these days I hhecho a friend Ghost Face

  10. pabloski said

    Hello Ruben such as you’ve spent on Halloween that you have disfrazado.Yo not disguise that I could not, I saw many gene and half envious, ghosts, witches, and well what happened brujos.Que viando everyone .

  11. MATEO 5 said

    halloween went to ask for sweets but I did not have much luck when I was a vampire seeking almost gave up but tried in montse and gave us a very rich sweets then we went to my house to see scream4 the beginning and end of titanic scooby doo then my mother and I llevoa javi andres karla home and I started with the computer till late

    I had a blast ‘

  12. javier cinto said

    In ghostface halloween I dressed like your at school, I went to the bathroom, took 20 euros, was the birthday of my cousin Celia.
    me I had to go very early (at 10 30) went to the paste and there had got many sweets around the street and saw angeloso travestri dress and I was afraid I went to my cousin Celia and I allli gave 10 euros we stayed until half past three in the morning and I woke up at midnight and went back to sleep

    I had a blast

  13. mario said

    Hi Ruben I could not disguise that e estodo in Salamanca

  14. yava said

    Hi ruben this bridge I had a very good, I’ve been around town with Alice, Helena, and Pilar have gone from house to house asking trick or treaters have given us lots of candy and some bridal dinero.Yo disfraze me caraver .
    Have been some friends in Madrid and I played with them and I did a mini sleepover with my sister and my friends Amara Madrid, I had a good time

  15. Rubén said

    Thank you very much guys!!, very good reviews in English. Next time use less the translator, how scary!!!, jeje. See you!!!.

  16. yava said


  17. josemi said

    hello ruben’que such as the bridge will have a good time where you’ve been the last bridge hido walk with your child has been given much gerra porcierto How old is your son and your wife as the two are called your wife and child
    Good bye adiosssssssssssssssssss

  18. Andres Montaut 5º ;) said

    Hello Ruben as you have fun on Halloween I had a great time down the people with Karla Matthew Pearl and Javier one of my neighborhood but it got almost no sweets but then we got into the house of Matthew and saw many movies because we decided by any Mateo and I wanted to see Scrimm four girls but then saw they were afraid of the cat with boots then watched the of csooby do and then that of the great time titanc but Matthew’s mother gave us puppies hot and scrambled egg had a great time and I hope you return to repeat that day also by jaj candy 🙂

  19. Marco said

    Ruben hello I had a great time even limit me to only eat polvoron and marzipan in my house and I saw a good TV marathon

  20. Helena :) said

    Hello Great ruben great on HALLOWEEN much at school was super cool! that resembled the ghost scare you jajjajaa then went through the town to the rock of my sister and started to drop money Yava corpse bride dressed up scary hahaha Pilar was very pretty pumpkin disguised witch Alicia was also very pretty pretty all dead doll and I jajjaja Andres Matthew we find a guy we Karla and slammed the door but went to the store and gave my mother yum cream donuts in the streets we continue to ask the end we handed out candy in the square fuy with Ali and me to my tent after I went home to watch TV and fell asleep on the couch after my mother took me to bed because I was fast asleep in the morning fuy me to the bathroom and I abia desmaquillado teni the face of a monster that scare me pass jjajaa fear pun intended 🙂 🙂 😀 😛

  21. pilar de quinto said

    hi ruben such you have fun on Halloween scaring the children from school, I had a great time with my friends Helena, Yava and Alicia went from house to house saying trick disguised treatment and got money and lots of candy left with pockets full is the one we got was a bunch of chocolates Maruja and then went to the store and let helena grab a donut I grabbed cream. Then ivam down the street and as wedding hiba yava said a man looks at a high monsther.
    I mean I had a great time.

  22. elena said

    hi ruben are the best of all teachers are my favorite teacher when you go you avila not ever want you to go

  23. karla 5º said

    Hello Rubèn You have gone a good halloween. I’ve had do terroifico. I went to ask for candy. COJI many candies and saw the movie titanic eating hot dogs and eggs rrellénosa tanbien saw Escubi doo.Llege home very tired and sore from walking alacama fuy me and I had terrifying dreams ….

  24. Alicia said

    Hi Ruben, on halloween at school pass me quite well and the school was decorated in a rather cool teachers were dressed very cool things luegos night around seven we went home to disguise helena, Pilar, Helena and I dressed up pumpkin Pilar, disguised helena dead doll and I disfraze witch, and Yava we waited in the square disguised corpse bride, when we left home of Helena as lives next to the park we remember Maruja lived next to the park and went to his house, but as Yava was bored in the square went home then went to Helena maruja house four and Maruja cunando opened and gave us lots of candy, luegos went from Maruja’s house to the square houses the houses gave much candy or a little money also went to Helena to shop for trick or treating and got a donut at four pastry and then we also got enough candy then I saw my mother and my father and I was told that left me a little longer until nine-thirty or ten we continue to monitor our time because Pilar and I were sobtre that time we walk by the house to our hour then went to the square we sat on a bench and proceeded to distribute all the money and all the candy my parents were telling me all the time let’s go home it is very cold but I said no because we were handing out everything we got asked to distribute pennies better though so we aclarabamos to distribute accurate but although repartimosexacto not but I just did not care and finally went to my parents because they were there because flopi accompany Helena Pilar walk and went with his mother and Yava same when Helena was in your store I went home with all except with my brother because he was still asking jejejje trick or treating in the end I had a good time.


  25. perla quinto said

    hello at school had a really good ghost disguised ruben and music teacher also other profs dressed as witches and got candy. Then I went to ask trick or treating with sara too late too late that I left the pool and when I went to sara got very few sweets then Sara went home and saw that Matthew was asking trick or treating them yma uni went around the village and many candies Diron then went to Matthew’s house and his mother prepared us and deviled eggs warm experts and saw some movies but not finished watching any begin to see the titanic, Puss in Boots, drawings of zodiac signs … etc and went home.

  26. Helena 5º lo mejor :) said

    hola estoy escribiendo desde casa me encanta el rincon de ruben recursos didacticos de anaya plasticaaaaaaaaaaaa jajajjajjja recuerda te pintaron pajaritos en el aire , angelito sin alas , gangaman style y equinox para que las pongas en tu blog besos para ti y para 5º osk kinto lo mejorrrrrrrrrr ❤ 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😛 😛 😀 XD XD 😀 🙂 😛 ❤

  27. Rubén said

    Oh, my God!, thank you very much, very good English reviews guys. I’ll go slowly reading all of them because some are very long, uf!!. And I´m very cool that you put the songs, they´re great. See you at school!

  28. Helena en casa aburrida said

    Ruben hello how are you studying here at home I tongue in your blog is very very hahaha 🙂 diber your pajina bye 🙂 🙂 🙂 :): P: P: D: D: P: O: O: P: D : O: C :): O;)

  29. Helena en casa aburrida said

    caritas al poder en marcha fila india :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) jajajjajajaja estoy muy loka :

  30. Rubén said

    Jeje, thanks you very much Helen!!, I like that!.:)

  31. ANA 5B ,AVILA said

    k tal? todos te echamos de menos. :):):):)XD XD:):):):)

  32. Rubén said

    Anitaaaa, ¿qué tal?, yo también os echo de menos a vosotros auque estoy bien, porque estoy todo el día jugando con todas las clases, jeje. ¡¡Espero que estéis bien!!. Un abrazoteeee.

  33. Helena en casa aburrida said

    jajajajajaja hello 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. Helena en casa aburrida said

    ruben todabia no tengo canciones pero ya te las dire ok jajaja 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 bsos ❤

  35. ana 5B said

    no e tenido tiempo porque emos tenido muchos examen

  36. MARÍA Y EVA ÁVILA said

    hola ruben somos eva y maría k haber cuando vienes a vernos k ya nos han dao las notas y no nos has venido ha ver y dice eva k podrias haber venido por su cumple el lunes 19 de noviembre. Esperamos todos los de la clase volver a vernos despues de vacaciones de navidad k es como un regalo de los reyes, hi i’m eva mañana 21 de diciembre vamos a cantar nuestra clase un villancico en frances y otro en ingless todo el cole y este año me toca a mi decir el deseo de navidad. hi soy maría este año la de frances se ha portado mejor k el año pasado pero lo k nos da mas lastima es k en las notas de lengua hemos bajado y no sabemos por qué. T echamos muxo de menos la clase y estamos con unas ganas de verte k nos morimos ven a vernosss ya 😦 te esperamos!!!!!:):):)
    y lo mas importante, FELIZ NAVIDAD!! y cuidate xao

  37. Rubén said

    ¡¡¡Hoooolaaaaa chicassssss!!!, me alegro mucho de saber de vosotras, yo también os echo mucho de menos, lo pasamos muy bien y aprendimos mucho el año pasado. No he podido ir porque yo tengo que viajar a mi cole, es imposible pero el otro día estuve con Javi y los demás profes de comida y le mandé recuerdos para todos. Tengo muchas ganas de veros, mi madre ve a Moha en su cole de las tardes, jeje, espero que tengáis muy buenas vacaciones y que hayáis sacado todos muy buenas notas. ¡¡¡FELIZ NAVIDADDDDD!!!!

  38. MARÍA ÁVILA said


  39. MARÍA ÁVILA said

    y las notas fantasticas yo como siempre todos notables jajajaja xao rubén

  40. EVA ÁVILA said

    yo sobres,notables y un bien en ingles xao ruben,este año no nos da paqauita nos da Ana.

  41. Rubén said

    ¡¡Qué guay chicas!!, muy buenas notas me alegro mucho. Seguro que habéis trabajado muy bien, como siempre, os las merecéis. ¡¡¡Buenas vacacionessss!!!.

  42. MARÍA ÁVILA said

    ¡¡¡¡Gracias Rubén mola mucho las fotos k tienes colgadas en happy hallowenn !!!!!
    ¿Eres tú el fantasma de la mascara??? ¡¡¡Da mucho miedo!!!:)

  43. i said


  44. Rubén said

    Jejeje, síii Maria como me conoces, jeje, ese era yo, y han puesto pocas pero hay más en las que salgo haciendo el cabra a tope asustando a todos los niños del cole, jejeje, ¿a qué mola?. Venga un abrazoteee.

  45. MARÍA ÁVILA said

    Gracias espero verte pronto en el mercadona jejejejeje :D:D:D;) una abrazo : )

  46. MARÍA ÁVILA said

    Una pregunta ¿porqué todos tus alumnos te hablan en ingles? hay una chica k se ha pasado jejeje adios un abrazo 😀 🙂

  47. Rubén said

    Si Maria, a ver si coincidimos algún día, jeje. Los que han escrito en inglés han sido por un ejercicio que les mandé sobre Halloween, y se lo hice escribir en inglés, ¡¡qué malo soyyy!!, jeje.

  48. youssef avila said

    aber cuando vienes a vernos que ni nos acordamos dde como eres xd

  49. Rubén said

    ¡¡Qué pasa Youssef tío!!, veo a Javi y me tiene informado de vosotros, os sigo no te preocupes. Ir a veros está un poco complicado puesto que tenemos los mismos días de cole, :(. Un abrazote y recuerdos para todos.

  50. nerea ávila said

    ruben ven a vernos te echamos muxo de menos!!!!:( yo he sacado buenas notas todo sobres y notables!!!!!:):);) porfa ven a vernos cuando puedes un abraxo xao

  51. youssef avila said

    ven cuando puedas porfaaaa

  52. Rubén said

    ¡¡¿Qué guayyyy chicossss!!, me alegro mucho, ya me cuenta Javi que muy bien. Y veros pues ojalá, pero……. ¿cuándo voy a ir si yo tengo clase en otro sitio a la vez que vosotro?, está un poco difícil, :(.

  53. Bernardo said

    Hello, I enjoy reading through your article.

    I like to write a little comment to support you.

  54. Rubén said

    Bernardo thank you very much, I’m glad you like my site. A hug.;))


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