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English space for kids

Hello boys and girls!, I present you a good page in my blog. To know languages is very important and with the bilingual model in our schools, all of us  will practise more english. Here, I am going to be putting educational pages in English that  I think interesting for you.


“English for little children”

This first link is for working the English in the computers´ class or in home with Internet. It is a program with very interesting and interactive activities.

Do click in the photo to enter.



“English for Primary”

This another link takes us to an interactive web about educational and entertained activities in English for primary education.

Do click in the photo to enter.




78 comentarios to “English space for kids”

  1. PEDRO 1ESO said


  2. Rubén said

    Yes, Peter, you are the one, but You have to write in English in this page, jejeje. Goodbye!!!

  3. 1TH ESO PETER said

    YES I HAVE AND HE HAS ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡WRITE IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Rubén said

    I´m writing in English too, look!!. I´m like to see you taking to efford to write well. Bye!

  5. kevin said


  6. Rubén said

    Thanks you Kevin, I´m enjoy seeing you to speak in English language.

  7. gonzalo said

    hello ruben i liked very

  8. Rubén said

    Jejeje, Thanks you very much Gonzalo.

  9. yonut said

    Hi ruben im yonut the school claudio sanchez albornoz bye bye

  10. Rubén said

    Hi Yonut!!, I like that you visit my space, wellcome!!. Thanks you for your english words. Bye!

  11. rubèn 6ºA la neja said

    hi ruben i like your blok,and my faborite is the game,and ai like four inglish.bye and fuor hapy bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rubén said

    Well written Rubén!. I also wish you a good bridge. See you on Wednesday. Bye!.

  13. alex 6ªa la neja said


  14. Rubén said

    Thanks you Alex, I´m grateful for your words in english. Bye!, see you soon!!

  15. alex said

    hi ruben im alex i liked this web page is very very funy

  16. Rubén said

    Thank you very much Alex, I’m glad you like it. You have written very well in English. See you tomorrow.

  17. alex said

    thanks ruben

  18. Yordan said

    Hello Rubén your web page is very mistress. I liki this web page

    good weekend!!

  19. noelia said

    Hello Ruben your web page is very funy.
    jajaja bye.

  20. Pablo carretero 6o A la neja said

    Sorry because i`m write my texte in Spanish

  21. Rubén said

    Hi guys and girls, I’m glad your visits and your comments. It’s great that you like my blog because we will use during the course and is another good way to learn while having fun. See you Monday. Bye!.

  22. alex said

    ruben i`m sorry for my comportation today

  23. Rubén said

    Don´t worry Alex, but you should try to talk less. See you tomorrow!.

  24. gemino said

    I advise you tu

  25. samantha said

    Hello Rubén im liked your blog is very funny .


  26. Rubén said

    Ok Samantha, thanks you very much!!. See you!!, Happy Haloween!.

  27. moussa said

    ruben hello l like you web page like you want to makea

  28. yonut said

    hello ruben am yonut such how are you me fine on Thursday to see if you leave me the whiteboard but the first and next Monday if you can change seats by maria and leave me to my prometoque you I’ll be good if I change

  29. yonut said

    bye bye

  30. Rubén said

    Ok boys!!, very good your comments in English, congratulations!!.

  31. pedro said

    ¡hi Rubén i like much English¡ you can put MUCH THE


  32. Nerea la aneja said

    hello ruben i liked speak english:bye bye

  33. khouloud la neja said

    Ruben tienes que poner juegos mas dificiles

  34. moha said

    hello ruben

  35. Rubén said

    Hello Moha!!How are you?

  36. andreea 6ªA said

    hi rubén how are you???
    youre page is fantastic
    is a entretiment very good for childrens

  37. andreea 6ªA said


  38. Javier said

    hello how are you? very bien.This I am writing you from the mini-notebook

  39. andreea 6ªA said

    it`s very funny your page i like this page

  40. sara6ºa la neja said

    hello ruben i´m very happy and nervius because my exame are compleatili but i dont know that i´m aprobate joooooo bay see you tomorrow

  41. ruben 6º A said

    hello ruben your rincon is very very good and very funy.

  42. andreea 6ªA said

    i thing aprobed but i don`t now
    the exam are very easy

  43. ainhoa 6ºA said

    hello ruben !!!!!!!!!!!! how are you ???
    i see your space of english and is so good, but i don´t like so much because is for small kids !!!!! but is funny !!!!
    kisess from ainhoa

  44. Anónimo said

    the page is very

  45. Rubén said

    Hi 6ºA!!, I am glad that you like my English space. I hope you’ve done well the test on Monday, I am going to correct some of them. See you!!.

  46. Peter 2ºeso said

    hello, long time no see to see if you come for Navaluenga. We all made so much and I write here to improve my English writing.

  47. Rubén said

    Ok, very good Peter. It´s nice your writting, your english is very good and I improve my english with your words. thanks you!!!

  48. veronica said

    Molan los juegos de Ingles.

  49. andreea 6ª A said

    hi ruben how are you??????????? today i was a exam for français was very easy visça el barça

  50. gonzalo said

    visça Barça and Cristiano Ronaldo is very very pimp(chulo)

  51. alex de 6a said

    Hi ruben, I like your blog is very good, and looked several places and I’ve love.
    y bisça el barça!!!

  52. pablo de la aneja 6 A said

    I am pablo and I’m writing from the shite of my site, and remember in this the school, everything is cross-eyed to the barca, and is a little shit ral madrid.

  53. gonzalo said

    hi ruben your blog is very nice:)

  54. alex de 6a said


  55. elenaa!!! 6ºA said

    hello ruben your blog is the best 🙂

  56. alex de 6a said

    never mind I will for you

  57. mohito said

    hello from madrid hala madrid be come who have a good time

  58. cristiano ronaldo said

    hello long live madrid

  59. BELEN 6ª said


  60. alex de 6a said

    I will develop my last supertecnica secret!

  61. elenaa!!! 6ºA said

    oooo the comentar is nicee 🙂

  62. ainhoa 6ºA said

    hello ruben how are you ¿?
    i hop not as you say lame mania for the next tearm becos otherwise i crude ! bye ! =)

  63. maría la neja 6ºA said

    hi ruben,I like your blog

  64. elenaa!!! 6ºA said

    comments are cool bat,bat ruben going to like

  65. moussa said

    ruben I liked all the games you have in
    your blog

  66. Rubén said

    Hello students, I’m glad your comments in English, thank you very much for the effort. See you on Monday. Good weekend!.

  67. pedro said

    hello ruben your page is very funny i like your page wed bye

  68. Rubén said

    Thanks you Peter!, I am very happy that you like. See you!!.

  69. lucia 5ºB said

    hello ruben!!! i love you page is very interesant and funny bye

  70. zakarias said

    hola ruben

  71. Rubén said

    Thanks so much Lucía!, I´m grateful than you like my page. Bye!.

  72. Belen !! 6ª "" said

    Thanks for letting us do and rehearse dance



  74. BRIAN said

    hola ruben soy Brian me he camviado de instituto a vayadolid se esta agusto ¿y tu? FELIZ NAVIDAD

  75. Rubén said

    Hola Brian, me alegro mucho de que os vaya bien por Valladolid. Espero que estéis contentos. Un saludo, da recuerdos a tu hermano Dani y …. FELIZ NAVIDAD.

  76. BRIAN said


  77. juan carlos said

    ruben, the song imagine is cool!

  78. Rubén said

    I’m glad you like it. Greeting Juan Carlos.


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